Wired Magazine

“Smart… disturbing… [Timoner] captures the de-evolution of optimistic arty types into semi-deranged test subjects… Imminently watchable.”

Chicago Tribune

“Here’s a cautionary tale for the virtual campfire… genuinely terrifying.”


Thanks to young Richie, Futuristic Films, and Denver Open Media, our own  Denver was among New York and Vancouver for Ondi Timoner’s Documentary DvDebut  on March 1st.  I had the honor of being asked to live paint at the premier’s after party, and brought along Miss McNamara. 

DOM has an impressive space which was enhanced by the nights’ event and inspired three paintings between us.

Two of them will be shown at “Springtime at the End of the World” at Luxe Deville, 657 Santa Fe, on April 2nd.  By the way, you are invited!