I gathered 10 of my fellow artists who have inspired me throughout the years, and we collectively showed at Luxe DeVil for First Friday (April 2nd 2010).  The artists all delivered fantastic work, reasonably priced, and creatively capturing the theme of spring and the world’s end.

We were so lucky to have Roomates perform for us his impromptu, acoustic  songs from the heart, and Jason Horodyski and his band Maudlin Magpie held the crowd with their unique and captivating sound.  If you missed the show, Maudlin Magpie will perform at the Lion’s Lair on April 21st.

Now for a peek at the art!

Thomas McPherson:

(clockwise from left) Sign Here $600,  Untitled $350, Birthday $350

Cory Gilstrap: Nowhere to Land $80   Balloon Boy(w/Kamla) $250

Cory can cast these if you want a ton of parachuters descending…

City in Balloon Boy’s  mouth, lighted with batteries.

Hand me downs, featuring Ann and Clementine $120 each.  These are paper dolls  with paint peeling dresses (from my palette), embellished with bits of shop debris.

Coqo Blu:  Rhode Island $90, Fameous Dead Kids $125

Coqo Blu:  the Beach $60

Coqo Blu: Waterfall1 $25, Tourist Trap (w/ Audrey McNamara) $75

Coqo Blu and Kamla: Final Attack $250   Kamla: Clementine $75

Audrey McNamara:  White $200

When I get more photos I’ll update this!